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Great game!!

Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey there friend! If you're interested, there's a sequel just published on my page :)


Please Stay with me... 

Wow man! It really means a lot to me that you took the time to make a let's play of Rot! It was very funny to see you react to the 'fear' scene haha, made me jump a bit even though I knew it was there :D I left a comment on your video but thanks again my friend and I look forward to seeing more of your content!

Hey friend! You were one of the first people to do a let's play of Rot and really be kind about the game :) Thank you! If you're interested, I just published a sequel on my page!

Peace x

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This is some really heavy stuff man, but very heartfelt and visceral. Artfully done, and kept me on the edge of my seat. The writing was very good too. I think you captured that kind of despair and confusion really really accurately, and I think it was very brave of you to present it to the world! You should be very proud of this! I only wish there was more to play!!

Hey Scoyoh! Thank you so much for your kind words! That's very high praise and I'm so happy it had you on the edge of your seat! I'm really glad you enjoyed the writing :) I take your point about wishing there was more to play- it was originally created as a university assignment so there was a bit of time pressure! Who knows, I may add extra content to it in the future.

Thank you also for saying it was brave of me, another person might reasonably say it's better to keep things to myself haha. But, I was very interested in the question of 'can emotional pain be horror like physical pain?'. What is a more powerful anguish? And since people seem to be interested by the idea too when I show them my games I think this was worth creating! 

Thanks so much again for taking the time to play and I hope you have a great day :)

Hey friend! It's been a while, but I wanted to say thank you for saying such kind things when Rot released. It really meant a lot to me! If you're interested, I've just released a sequel on my itch page. Hope you're well, otherwise, and happy gaming!

Great, I will check it out! So glad you're keeping this up. You have a very strong and effective artistic voice, I'm sure it's going to be amazing!


cuando tendra traduccion al español?

¡Hola! Gracias por su comentario :) Disculpas si este no es un español muy preciso, estoy usando un servicio de traducción. Desafortunadamente, soy la única persona que hace este juego y solo conozco un poco de italiano además de mi inglés, ¡pero mi hermano una vez pasó algunos meses en Guatemala y podría ayudarme a traducir el texto al español! Sin embargo, puede tomar un tiempo, ya que tendría que dibujar a mano algunos mensajes en español con una tableta gráfica. Veré si mi hermano o un miembro del personal de habla hispana en mi universidad podrían ayudar, pero desafortunadamente no puedo prometer que habrá una traducción :(. Haré mi mejor esfuerzo, sin embargo, y te mantendré informado



gracias. espero que alguien te ayude con el español  jaj

How do I lock the mouse?

Hi there :) thanks for taking the time to comment! Can I ask what you mean by locking the mouse? Do you mean locking the mouse to constrain to one monitor? Thanks! 

i dont mean like "How do I lock the mouse?" i mean like how do i look around the map


Nevermind. you just have to press the arrows keys. sorry about that.

No worries at all :) there is also a mouse supported version of the game! Hope you enjoy


I really liked how the story of this game progressed through writing, I’m convinced Justin gets Tinder and goes on a mad one before finally coming to his senses 😂

Hahaha, that's the sequel ;) thanks for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed and I'll watch the video when I'm done with work!

Hey man! I just wanna say, you were my first let's play! I'll always be really thankful for the support you gave the game after it came out. If you're interested, I just released a sequel to the game!

Hey man! 100% will play the sequal, I have a question actually, I have this new idea for a series where I want to interview developers over discord about their games , any chance you would be up for this?? 😀

Of course! That sounds great, any time! I think I follow you on twitter, so set me a DM :)

messaged you on twitter mate :)

May be add mouse support. By the way nice game!

My First Let's Play!!! Thank you so much! :D Yes! Since you're the second person to ask for mouse support I've just rigged up a mouse support build that I'll upload now. Really appreciate you taking the time to record a session!



All I can say is... wow. This hit close to home... Literally, because my name is Justin. This made me realize how unhealthy my obsession was over this girl, whom I loved, but after playing this, I'm not so sure if it was truly love, or lust. Our texts really ended up looking like your letters, and not only that, my constant thoughts about her also became lustful which led to her stepping away, which was the right thing for her to do. I was always angry at myself, asking why it was so easy for her to leave, but playing this game was like looking at a mirror. I see now what it looks like from the other side... I see now what will become of me if I don't change right away.  This game has inspired me to truly focus and work on myself from the inside and strive for righteousness.

My friend, through the piece of art you call Rot, you've given me light and saved my life from misery. I look forward to seeing your future work, and will always be a fan. 

- An anonymous player

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Hi Justin! First of all I wanna say that I'm so so happy this game got to you. Honestly, as someone who wants to go in to game dev, that's a very special feeling and you're the first person on this website to say something so kind! 

Secondly, I do want to say that while Rot is primarily a horror experience, it is just as much an art piece about love gone bad. When I made this I was going through a period of sincere hopelessness after an unexpected breakup with my first love. 

The development of this game was a way for me to comprehend how I was feeling, and look at those feelings outside of my self so that I might understand them better. 

When the game was finished, I felt so much better, much better than I thought I would. I realised how crazy I was! And also the things I did wrong.

Hey friend, it's been a while! I just wanted to say that I really appreciated what you said about Rot when it was released. It was really kind and it honestly really made the project feel special at a time when I think I needed it to. 

If you're bored during this crisis stuck at home then I thought I'd just say that I released a sequel if you're interested. 




OMG, HI!! That's so funny, because I woke up this morning and for some reason, I felt I had the urge to check up on you and how you were doing during this pandemic. I'll download your game right away and play it as soon as I get the chance! I'm really excited! Is there any platform like Twitter or Instagram that I could reach out to you by? 

Haha what a coincidence! Yep, you can follow me on twitter at @smashing_cravat and on Instagram by :) Hope you're well!

Yes, you too! Also, I made my username on here "Anonymous Player" because I wasn't comfortable sharing  that about myself to the public unless it was you, the game developer that helped me see clearly through that hard time of mine... I also thought you might not take my comment seriously because of my young age - I'm 17. Throughout the 10 months after playing Rot, I was able to share my story with others and watch myself slowly regain my feet. I've been so so much happier lately and all I needed was the push that your game gave me. I've read your articles about Rot and absolutely loved them! I thought it was so funny that many thought that Justin had killed Emma (I think that's what her name was) at the end. I also found your mention of me understanding the story was so heartwarming and it gave me even more inspiration to change. Well, what I'm trying to say is, I'm no longer afraid or ashamed of my past, and no longer want to be known to you as "Anonymous Player," so please call me Justin. You've done so much for me through your college project, and I want to thank you again. 

It's Iate, so I'm afraid I cannot reread this for spelling or grammar errors since I typed a lot, but I wish you well and I'm still super excited to play your game! 

Also, I was born with two names: Justin David, and on social media, my username is "Cultivated David," just so you don't get confused, haha

Please do not feel any need to thank me, Justin! The pleasure is all mine, you know I really just made Rot as a university assignment in my bedroom over the course of a month or so... so it means the world to me that it could really mean so much to someone like you. I'm very glad that I could help give you some perspective on a bad situation in your life... I know that other games have done that for me in the past!

The fact that you felt a certain connection with it meant that the game had achieved all it set out to do and I wouldn't dare understate the significance of that. To me, the processes of making and consuming art are all about exchange of experience and perspective... the best artists to me permanently inform the way I view difficult concepts such as love and loss, suffering etc... we are all in a perpetual state of coming to terms with these overwhelming and often ineffable concepts, and in art we help each other see a little clearer. To know that I may have offered this to you even in the slightest was very touching. 

It is great to see you on a better path! I hope you continue this way. 




Awesome story!!!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Hey friend! It's been a while, but I just released a sequel to Rot if you're interested :) it's on my page!

why would you make the arrow keys to look around? why not just mouse?

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Hi there! Thanks for commenting :) That's a good question, I wanted to make the camera more restricting and retro feeling. In future updates I may make it optional! In fact, I could make a mouse version today if you'd like?

Just to update! Since you and someone else asked for mouse support, a mouse supported game file is now downloadable :)


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