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We Don't Talk About It is the sequel to my psychological horror game Rot, released last year.

The game is about how hard it can be to express yourself, both in person and in art. 

EDIT: I've had quite a few questions regarding the music so to clarify: ALL MUSIC IS MADE BY ME! If you're a let's player or streamer please don't worry about copyright claims haha, I definitely won't do that. Music available to download below!

This project uses paid and free assets such as:

Voice and Visual Text Synchronizer by Konstantin Saetsky

PSXEffects by Triple Axis

Ink by Inkle Studios

Music made in Audacity

The game also uses pixelated and transformed artworks.

The deluxe edition includes:

-All music from the game (inluding a bonus track!) to use in your own projects

-All OBJs to use in your own project

-Notes, dev journal and an undergraduate essay about storytelling

You are free to use any assets from the Deluxe Edition in your own projects, just credit me :)

This project may be triggering to those with photosensitive epilepsy! 

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(81 total ratings)
AuthorMichael Bonardi
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity, Audacity, Maya
Tagsartgame, Horror, Narrative, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Unity, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few minutes


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I wrote a review 4 years ago and I am coming back to say that this game has continuously had a tremendous impact on me. I am still an avid gamer and I am especially a big fan of indie games but nothing has stuck with me quite like this one. It's really nice to be able to connect to something that resonates so deeply throughout my life. If anyone is reading this and hasn't played it yet, please do. It might speak to you more than you would've anticipated. 


i playef this like 2 years ago amf it was very memorable still love it a lot to this day 10/10


One of the most creative horror games I've ever played. The atmosphere was sometimes terrifying, sometimes mesmerizing. The story it was trying to convey felt impactful as well. Truly a praise worthy work of art.

Este juego es muy psicológico. Parece de terror, pero más bien es una experiencia de una ruptura amorosa. Me encantó la interpretación.

this game really made me cry and just made me feel alot of stuff the way it was sequenced and the story line really hurt to be honest at frist when the numbers started i almost clicked away, i knew rot was good i played it but this kinda completed it and left me feeling satisfied the end where the two colors merged together made me think how the self hate came to genuine acceptence for what happened, the art in this is simplistic but also really good.


i liked this i sort of got the story and it is quite a masterpiece and lets the scares sink in


thumbs down, boobs are a big NO NO


I am 4 years old, and This Made Me Sad


eh boobies are life LOL

3 Scary games, 2nd game is We Don't Talk About It. Hope you enjoy!!!


Art is difficult

this actually made me cry. i'm recently out of a long-term relationship, where so many themes in this I've probably taken into my own impression/interpretation, the feeling of being unable to express yourself both in an art medium or to a loved one is such an empty feeling that leads onto worsening emotions.

thank you for making this <3 

(1 edit) (+3)

i loved this, it made me think, imagine what was happening even though we saw just rooms, and when I imagined the situations, I was terrified. I loved the idea that there was no monster but life is the monster or we are the monsters, Love this game.


honestly the best itch.io title i've ever played in before. just says so many deep, visceral things eloquently, it's amazing.


absolutely gorgeous babes it maka me emotional


I went into this game with no idea what to expect being scared and I can honestly say I loved this game it was a totally different game than I expected. This is more of a psychological horror than a traditional game and I feel that one of the scariest things in life is life itself 5 out of 5 I would love to see more content 


a wonderful game. the dread i felt as i witnessed john and adam's deteriorating relationship through one-sided dialogue is hard to put into words. it was heavy and thick. it was sweet but quickly soured, and it ached. there weren't any "scares," but i was terrified. witnessing something i shouldnt be seeing. and the cold exhibits before the ending was wonderfully jarring and off-putting. and the ending, despite all the horror and dread, felt hopeful. that yes, things suck, but they could be different, soon. that itll get better.

thanks for making this game!!


This was a very well thought out game, but I try not to think about it ;)


absolutely loved it

game has insane atmosphere and i dig it so much

very much liked this game, although I don't see how it was a sequel to ROT. The subtle changes were really cool and the story it told (although all you do is walk around during it was pretty interesting). This was A GREAT GAME.

The game was really creepy and it made sure to let you know that. It's also a well executed game for the idea you had. I look forward to your next game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Came to play the sequel of Rot and was not disappointed! I really liked the song at the end too!


really cool idea for a game and was executed very well :) I just wasn't sure how to progress at after the letter was read out but I'm also really dumb so that was probably my fault but it was a really fun game to play 


i'm having trouble putting to words the emotions and feeling i'm going through.  I will be thinking about this game for a while


Really truly loved this!  Very thought provoking while maintaining an unsettling atmosphere throughout, great job!

Awesome beginning. I have no idea what was happening but I was kept interested all the way through. I think I have played your other game before too. Thanks!


yes, my son gorf enjoyed


almost made me tear up a little, so many emotions! i absolutely loved it


Such a Wonderful game, It took me through a journey and has left me with so many unanswered question what happened, where was i, iS THIS even real! i loved the game and would love to check out other games by you guys too . Here is a letsplay of me hope you like it too and make sure to tell me something if i missed in the comments or any of social media


This was an interesting experience. Loved the pixel graphics and the retro vibes.


Hit me like a truck carrying a ton of bricks. Now I'm morally and intellectually obligated to play Rot.

Thanks starbuiler! This is really high praise, Rot is kind of janky but I hope you enjoy it too! Haha


I liked it quite well after playing. It is just a tad janky but I loved it almost as much as We Don't Talk About It.


I played this game thinking it was another horror game but, We Don't Talk About It makes me feel some way.  This is really fucking good and the music is perfect, thank you for this.


Thanks be-low! That really means a lot, it's kind words like this which encourage me to pursue game making as a career. Really glad that you enjoyed and hopefully I'll have more games your way before too long :)


I’ve played Rot last week and now is the time to play the sequel! It was freaking amazing! I was on my toes all the time and the story got me thinking! Thank you for that game! Here’s my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

Hey DoomerJack! Great name and avi btw haha. Wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to make a let's play! It really helps my games grow and I appreciate it a lot. I'm really flattered whenever a let's play is made in a new language because you help to bring my game to entire new audiences and it makes me really happy. Hopefully I can bring more games your way soon!


Glad to hear from you :) Thanks once again!


This is beautiful. I loved the ending, and the music was phenomenal.. You really know how to tell a story <3

Thanks so much Travel mug! I appreciate this a lot and I hope that I can bring more games your way soon :)


You're welcome! It's so nice that you responded, tysm :0 <3.


Um just to be safe is this NSFW?...

Hey Emanzi! In terms of workplace unfriendly stuff there is one reference to sex ("sleeping with him was the sorriest thing") and a brief flashing image of a man with a bloody nose. Apart from that, there is nothing explicit about the game :)


Love the psycho writing and the voices. 4th bonus game in video, timecode 23:55
By the way: you could add the tag "Voice Acting" to the itch page.

Hey IwanPlays! Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to make a let's play :) It really helps the game grow and I appreciate it a lot! After you posted this I did actually add the tag haha, I didn't even think of that! Thanks, and I'm really flattered that my voice acting had such an effect 


Pretty good game. I liked how random it was haha. Good experience

Thanks ProGamerGirl! Appreciate you playing :)


I tried to deep dive into the story, did my theory come remotely close to what happened to the narrator of the game? Super curious.

Hey Pandabum! Sorry for the lateness of my reply, just been busy with uni work and that! But I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to let's play the game, really means a lot :) In terms of your story analysis, I'd say that you're almost spot on! The lounge room scene is intended to be self-contained, separate to Justin and Emma's story from Rot. In the lounge scene, I wanted to depict John beginning to resent Adam, neglecting him and planting a gun on him in the hopes that he will take his own life. The lost hair aspect would be to do with Adam's stress and strain. But, that's just my intention! The game is super open and abstract and I welcome any and all interpretations. Subbed btw!


Oh awesome, I was seriously thinking that I missed the mark completely, knowing that its up for interpretation is great as many more theories could potentially come from other games!

Look forward to more of your work in the future.


deeply enjoyed your game and found a fun bug that gave me quite a bit of amusement! thanks and here is a recording of my playthrough!


Hey radnaya! Sorry for the late reply,  just been busy the past couple of days! Wanted to say thanks though for let's playing both my games! It really helps them grow and I appreciate it loads :) Hope to see your channel grow and hope I can swing more games your way soon!

hye no worries, I'm honored that you watched them! they wereso enjoyable, and i want to say thanks for your kinds words and wish you luck in your next adventures! i'll be following your journeys for sure :)

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I remember playing ROT, I am mildly freaked out by the number....


Hey! Thanks so much for let's playing the game, it really helps the game grow and it means a lot! I also remember that you let's played Rot as well so thank you for the continued support! Great to see your channel growing and I hope that I can swing more games your way soon :)


There are so many different emotions and concepts screaming for attention in this game. The links to the developer's previous project, Rot, are also welcome... if only because having a little bit of familiarity amidst the madness is oddly comforting.

From sly digs at certain governments and their cuts in funding, to  a strange number-based experiment to absolute hell and back, all within the space of half an hour. It's honestly one of the strangest and horrifying rides I've ever been on, with a faint ray of hope appearing right at the end of it all.

Michael really has a talent for taking raw feelings and throwing them into an interactive story format. While this may not have as much creeping horror as Rot did, there's still a lot to enjoy (if that's the right word!) with this one.

So, first thing to do is head over to the page for Rot and play that before this one. Just to get yourself into the right (or wrong?) frame of mind before diving into this thought experiment.

It's another thumbs-up from me, I can't remember the last time a game left me with equal feelings of despair and hope.

Mikey! Just finished watching the let's play and I have to say thanks so much for your kind words and continued support, it means so much and I'm glad to have seen your channel grown since Rot too!

Hope you and yours are doing well in these crazy times, and I hope to be able to swing more games your way soon my friend <3

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